Praise: The Blessing of a B Minus

  • Publishers Weekly

    “Intermingling wisdom and guidelines from Judaism and adolescent psychology, Mogel compares the teen years to the journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. As kids wander in the ‘desert’ of adolescence, she advises parents to offer counsel and guidance, demonstrate empathy without entanglement, and resist the urge to intervene or rescue…Mogel’s compassion and authenticity will ring true with parents of all faiths facing the tumultuous teen years.”

  • Lisa Belkin
    The New York Times

    “Wendy Mogel’s book is filled with reassurance…A blessing indeed.”

  • Judith Warner
    —Author, Perfect Madness and We’ve Got Issues

    “Wendy Mogel’s signature humor, humility and wisdom are back in full force in The Blessing of a B Minus, which will bring much-needed sanity to parents of teens. Hers is the voice that every parent dreams of finding while wading through the confusion of childrearing today: calm, knowing, empathetic and informed both by professional knowledge and personal experience. Her insights are infused with a widely appealing kind of faith that will strike a universal chord in parents seeking both a moral and practical compass. This is a book that will be re-read over and over again.”

  • Rabbi Harold Kushner
    —Author, When Bad Things Happen to Good People

    “Wise, witty and well-written, this book is a treasury of common sense for anyone dealing with adolescents.”

  • Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
    —Author, It’s a Boy: Your Son’s Development from Birth to Eighteen

    “We should all give thanks for The Blessing of a B Minus. Like Wendy Mogel herself, this book is funny and full of common sense. It will give parents something they need: perspective on the complicated and often maddening business of raising adolescents.”

  • Katrina Kenison
    —Author, The Gift of an Ordinary Day

    “Did Wendy Mogel spend the last few years as a fly on the wall in my house, observing every battle and eavesdropping on every difficult conversation I’ve ever had with my kids? So it would seem. In this remarkably frank, helpful book she offers practical advice and comforting perspective on all the issues, large and small, that families of all faiths and backgrounds confront as their children move through adolescence. Here is a voice of humor, reason, and compassionate sanity in a culture driven by hyper-competitiveness, hyper-vigilance, and hyper-activity. The Blessing of a B Minus inspires and consoles. Most importantly, this very readable book gives us the tools we need to become more conscious, confident parents. This is not Jewish wisdom, it is human wisdom, and I for one am a most grateful recipient.”

  • Robin Kall Homonoff
    —Online Columnist, Reading with Robin

    “Wendy Mogel’s The Blessing of a B Minus is a MUST read for all parents!...” Read the full column at